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"Mas Bos, mau nanya, MX gw udah pake cdi BRT powermax, nah, kalo misalkan kiprok gw ganti pake BRT, ngaruh gak tuh pada ksehatan si MXnya atau CDI itu sendiri.. terima kasih.."
• SATHEM, Kab. Sumba Barat Daya
broo . . . bleh ga w liat dftr harga sperpart honda vario.. thx
• dijeh, Kota Yogyakarta
Agan2 sekalian ane mw nanya ne cdi yang cocok buat minerva apa ya??
• ilham, Kab. Bantul
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Tutup Fuel Tank NSR
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Tutup Fuel Tank NSR
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Cibinong CDI

Hi How are you bikers!

Welcome to Intelligent Digital technology, applied technology of the future system. Automotive world is inseparable from the progress of advanced electronics with a rapid, ranging from analog to artificial intelligent systems (Artificial Intelligent).

Microprosessor Digital makes everything else possible easily realized with the implementation and maximum results.

Therefore we call our technology systems, are: MAXIMUM RESULTS INTELLIGENTTEKNOLOGIdengan i-MAX technology uses microprosessor future generations until 2015 from NXP Founded by Philips Semiconductor, with super fast memory access that is FLASH memory. Bintang Racing Team (BRT) and Team Research and Development, has successfully developed the ignition system (Ignition System), the latest and very easy to apply, namely:

Our team, continue to develop super-sophisticated digital ignition system and easily applied by the novice tuner or a senior with a competitive price.

The concept of development: "We understand that you need, ...." Innovation cooperation with several leading semiconductor manufacturers in the world makes us always be leading to the application of advanced semiconductors in Indonesia.

Intelligent SERVICE With a strong determination to provide good service, so we always maintain product quality and customer service. Intelligent CUSTOMER With guaranteed quality and competitive prices, then you are our customer Intelligent.

Intelligent RACING PERFORMANCE Our team is always developing racing parts, high performance-tested in the laboratory.

Finally, thanks for the support of friends biker.


Tomy Huang and Team

Tachometer Digital
ECU JUKEN 2 (Vixion Old)
Cas Aki
Imax Super
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